Safety is a value and a fundamental part of Tailing International, LLC culture. We at Tailing International, LLC are committed to the highest standards of safety performance achievable. We have developed and organized an effective safety program to help protect our most valuable resource – our employees. We evaluate risks inherent in every aspect of our industry. We recognize the achievements of all our team members who are responsible for safety, their own or the person working next to them. We train and retrain. Providing a safe work environment is every employee’s responsibility and Tailing International, LLC’s first priority. Adherence to safety policies is an essential condition of employment.

To foster this philosophy Tailing International, LLC has a full-time safety coordinator as well as a compliance coordinator to develop and administer safety, technical, and certification training for staff and field technicians. Their chief focus is not only to ensure this philosophy is followed, but also to motivate employees to act safely in all aspects of their life (work and home) so that they can be there for their families. Training and follow-up, with constant field interaction, intervention, and mentoring ensure that everyone on our projects understands, supports and enforces Tailing International, LLC’s safety philosophy and policies.

Through consistent application of this philosophy, we actively promote a work environment that contributes to the positive attitudes and safe practices of individual employees. Total safety is an individual effort geared towards an all-encompassing Tailing International, LLC goal of an injury free workplace. 

Tailing International, LLC’s safety program complies with all federal, state and local regulations, with emphasis on ISO 9001:2008 and the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) requirements and guidelines. 


    • Assure the safety and health of our employees
    • Prevent accidents and injuries
    • Achieve regulatory compliance
    • Stress that safety is everyone’s responsibility and that working safely is a condition of employment
    • Safeguard operating exposures
    • Training employees to work safely is a paramount concern
    • Promote and recognize positive safety behavior
    • Empower employees to stop any unsafe task or project “Stop Work Authority”