Safety Services

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Spot Safety HaMR2 “Safety Coaches”  

Don’t settle for any safety coach or technician on your projects.  Get SPOT Safety HaMR2 trained coaches.  Our coaches use the HaMR2 System to improve safety performance and reduce the risk of loss with contractors on your projects.  Our coaches “move the ball” from Safety Compliance to Loss Prevention Compliance.  There’s a difference!

A Tailing Safety Coach is responsible for maintaining safety awareness at a very high level. A safety coach is a safety professional who focuses on and further drives safe work practice and behaviors. Duties will include travel, job site safety audits, abatement for unsafe conditions, and associated paperwork. Experience /education to be in Safety with background/work history in construction. Knowledgeable in safety standards, industry best practices and strong familiarity with OSHA 29 CFR 1910 and 1926 standards. Industrial Process experience with construction of pipelines and associated equipment. Certification in health and safety disciplines.  Safety Coach must demonstrate good communication, organization, leadership and human relation skills. This person must have the ability to teach/mentor safety-related skills involved in the construction trades.