Safety is a value and a fundamental part of Tailing International, LLC culture. We at Tailing International, LLC are committed to the highest standards of safety performance achievable. We have developed and organized an effective safety program to help protect our most valuable resource – our employees. We evaluate the risks inherent in every aspect of our industry. We recognize the achievements of all our team members who are responsible for safety, their own or the person working next to them. We train and retrain. Providing a safe work environment is every employee’s responsibility and Tailing International, LLC’s first priority. Adherence to safety policies is an essential condition of employment.

Tailing International is a provider of the SPOT Safety System.

SPOT Safety Hazard, Mitigation & Risk Recognition HaMR2 System (Pronounced “hammer”)

SPOT Safety’s HaMR2 System is a safety program designed to prevent or at least reduce the loss from accidents.  The system is designed to improve the human safety performance of your employees and contractors, to help them work differently, so they consistently do the right things to prevent accidents.  The system includes everything needed, including but not limited to field tools* and specialized training*. 

HaMR2 System Effectiveness Principles:

  • High-Risk Loss Prevention = Focusing on existing safety compliance efforts on high-risk loss prevention safety.

  • Continuous Human Performance Improvement = Ease of use and worker friendliness.  HaMR2 is the source for meeting this objective.  If you don’t improve human performance, how can safety be improved?

  • Field Tool use = Equip workers with researched tools for use on the job, in the field.  This principle is key to supporting the other HaMR2 Principles.

  • Education = Training employees and contractors to work safer, specifically to NOT get hurt

  • ROI-Sustainability = Our training, field-tools, and continuous improvement processes are key to getting sustained loss prevention/reduction results.

The HaMR2 system is:

  • Site-Specific = Field tools can be written specifically for the YOUR most important specific high-risks. 

  • Scalable = Use what works for your operations.  Implement only what fits for you.

The HaMR2 system is designed for ANY high-risk industry, including Oil & gas (offshore & onshore), Pipeline, Maintenance-Construction-Turn around, Marine, Refining, Chemical Plants, Manufacturing & Contractor / Vendors.   

Loss Prevention

We provide better safety training.  Our safety training is better because it’s “Loss-Prevention” Safety Training.  Most of our safety training uses the concept “from the classroom to the field,” Our loss prevention topics teach you “how” to work so you don’t get hurt. Period!  Our “Loss-Prevention” Training uses our unique HaMR2 system “Loss Prevention Guides” for reference in the field, on the job, long after training is complete.  Now that’s sustainable training!  Don’t settle for regular “safety training”, get loss prevention safety training.

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