Audit Services

Internal Quality System Audit

This type of audit is an examination of the tool used to measure quality itself. An internal quality audit seeks to evaluate an organization’s Quality Management System (QMS). The quality documentation and processes are reviewed to ensure maximum efficiency and high-quality product outcomes. The manual is audited to ensure all critical areas are covered and all key employees readily have access to the document. Work instructions are audited to ensure conformity to standard operating procedures and to confirm quality processes are meeting targets.

Supplier Audit

Supplier audits allow an organization to collaborate in real-time directly with its suppliers. By auditing the supply chain, companies can control the quality of its suppliers and sub-tier suppliers and introduce accountability for poor performers. Key performance indicators (KPIs) quickly identify areas for improvement. With this level of transparency, suppliers are able to view purchase order activity such as receipt and inspection history in order to collaborate on nonconformance and corrective actions.

QA Audit

Good-quality products and services are essential for long-term success, no matter the sizeof your business. A quality assurance audit enables you to maintain the quality standards you desire. The process ensures that employees follow policies and procedures and that you meet customer expectations when you deliver products and services.